Hairy Bikers Air Fryer Chips 04/08/2021

Hairy Biker Dave’s Perfect Air Fryer Chips

To showcase our air fryer, Dave’s decided to show us his fool proof way of making crispy chips in his Hairy Bikers air fryer. One of the most common reasons people buy an air fryer is to make delicious chips in a healthy, fat-free way - here's how Dave Myers does his air fryer chips!

Hairy Bikers Slow Roast Pork 04/08/2021

Slow-Roast Pork with Root Vegetables

British pork is a national treasure and we think we breed some of the best pigs in the world in this country. Pork shoulder is ideal for slow-roasting, as the fat content keeps the meat moist. We cook it until the meat is falling off the bone - no need to carve this joint! One of the nicest of all Sunday dinners.